Brainy Benefits of Piracetam: Dosage and Potential Side Effects

Piracetam is a strong nootropic drug which has been improving the efficiency of the human brain since its discovery in the 1960s. It can boost brain functioning by stimulating the corpus callosum, allowing the two hemispheres of your brain to better communicate with each other, which improves the functioning of the central nervous system. This appears to result in a number of brain enhancing benefits, discussed in more detail below. Also, by reducing the accumulation of lipofuscin in brain tissues, piracetam seems to have the potential to reduce the oxidation from unsaturated fatty acids that lead to cell damage.
piracetam dosage and side effects
Piracetam is a brain supplement which is available without a prescription has been used safely for many years, by many people, and for many different reasons. It holds special promise for those with memory impairments, but has also been used by college students and others who want the ability to boost their focus.

Piracetam can increase recall, clear headedness, long term memory, reading ability, and even dream recollection.

Piracetam Helps Brain Use Oxygen

Piracetam has been used by people suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, dyslexia, vertigo, vertebrobasilar insufficiency, peripheral vestibular disorders, cerebral ischaemia, and cerebral palsy. It is useful for alcohol withdrawal delirium because it has the ability to enhance oxygen utilization in the brain.

Using Piracetam after a Stroke

Some stroke sufferers have shown signs of improvement after using piracetam, especially when suffering from language related difficulties such as asphasia. Piracetam may help with asphasia because it improves cross hemispheric communication in the brain. And better communication can result in additional benefits such as improving mood and decreasing depression, which is common after a stroke.

The memory boosting effects of piracetam might be even more pronounced when used in conjunction with other nootropics such as hydergine or Acetylcholine enhancing substances, like choline, and alpha-GPC.  Acetylcholine can significantly boost the overall memory enhancing benefits of piracetam while decreasing mental declines commonly associated with aging. So this is definitely an exciting discovery for those who wish to optimize their brain power longer!

By increasing blood flow to the brain, piracetam seems to increase EEG brainwave activity which is the natural state of mind associated with being alert and ready to learn.

Recommended Piracetam Dosage

Piracetam is taken orally and is commonly sold as a powder. This means you will need a good scale to measure the piracetam dosage that is appropriate for you.

How much you take will vary person to person, but a typical daily dose of piracetam ranges between 800mg and 2,400mg (2.4 grams) per day. But I have heard of others who take between 2,400-4,800mg/day which is divided into 3 daily doses of between 800-1,600mg/serving.

Many agree that it is often necessary to take a higher initial dose between 4-6g (4,000-8,000mg/day) for the first couple days to start noticing the effects, but that should be reduced to your maintenance level thereafter.

Peak results generally occur within 1.5 hours and the half life is 5 hours.

Effects and Side Effects of Piracetam:

Piracetam side effects are rare, however, low levels of Ach (acetylcholine) can cause headaches which is another reason to take a choline or lecithin supplement along with your piracetam.

The effects of using piracetam can be anywhere from subtle to dramatic. Generally, the more impairment you suffer, the more dramatic your results will be when using piracetam.

If you have tried piracetam we’d love to hear your experience in a comment below. The more personal information we gather the better we’ll all be in determining the benefit of nootropics.

Would you try a simple 5 minute a day brain exercise that could improve your memory, grades or even income?

increase short term memoryIn this video Gary Busey who is chief researcher at Altius Life Labs shows a little brain trick that can double your short term memory capacity (look for it a couple minutes in). If you combine this memory booster with your daily Piracetam intake you could see some great results. Of course results may vary and all that but take a look at the vid, try the simple exercise and let us know how it works for you.

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