Best Brain Supplements for Memory

The perception of our life experiences are very much dependent upon the quality of our memories. Our memories define and guide us. Without a healthy functioning brain, many things would simply not be possible. We rely on memory to find our keys in the morning, remember what we put in the fridge, and to help us prioritize those long to-do lists.

Or perhaps you’re thinking and pondering the future of your children and grandchildren… wondering what their quality of lives will be matter what you like to use your mind for, a good memory will help, and this is why I decided to learn more about the best brain supplements for memory, including nootropics, smart drugs, herbs and vitamins. As people age, “senior moments,” tend to increase and memory slowly but surely becomes a thing that can no longer be taken for granted.
brain supplements, nootropics and smart drugs
While our magnificent minds allow us to take many things for granted when all is going well, why not be proactive? The vitality of your mind will deeply impact the quality of your life and for this reason, taking care to support and enhance the mind, even if things are working right, could lead to future memory benefits.

As we age, some brain functions may suddenly or gradually decline. Some of these memory declines are health related, some are due to nutritional deficits, and others may be due to the environment. As cognitive functions decline, there can be a great deal of irritability and confusion, sometimes contributing to co-concurring issues such as depression or mood swings. And ironically, some of those who suffer from the greatest memory impairments are not aware of it at all—and it may be friends and family who notice the cognitive deficits, such as when a loved ones forgets a recent visitor or repeats stories.

Because the ability to remember is such a key component of our identities and so absolutely necessary to function independently, maintaining a well functioning brain is a top priority for many of us, and because of this, I am putting together this section on nootropics and other brain supplements that show promise in slowing down normal cognitive declines that come with aging, as well as enhancing and nourishing what is already working well.

Will Brain Supplements Help Me Improve My Memory?

Some of these brain supplements may even be beneficial for those with more serious health issues such as after a stroke or various forms of dementia. Always remember to do your own research because every person’s needs and diets are bound to be different and new studies come out all the time. I am not a doctor, and this is not intended to be medical advice. I just wanted to share what has taken me many hours to research and distill. I hope this will make it a little easier to refresh my own memory!


While obtaining a degree in psychology, I was fascinated by classes on memory, biopsychology, and gerontology, which led to many questions about the best supplements for the brain. This  spurred research into piracetam, hydergine, choline, alpha-GPC, vitamins like thiamine, ginkgo biloba, and magnesium l-threonate among others. Some of these brain supplements have been on the market for decades, while others are less tried and true and still await further study.

One thing education has taught me, however, is that oftentimes research is astronomically expensive and time consuming, so if there is not a lot of money to be made, sometimes these important studies have difficulty obtaining the funding they need to get off the ground. Remember, this information is a work in progress and is being made available “as is” and may be incomplete or contain inaccuracies. You should discuss these brain supplements and “Smart drugs” with your doctor to help you decide whether the benefits outweigh the risks and whether or not you feel comfortable being your own guinea pig.

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  1. To be honest I haven’t use any kind of Nootropics available in the market right now maybe because I believe that this is not effective and I assume this is not necessary. I am not into taking medication just like what I’ve just said but after this product a friend introduced to me recently my perception changed.
    Nowry Land recently posted..Focus Pills – How Doxiderol Can Give You a Mental EdgeMy Profile

    • Thank you for sharing your experience. Deciding whether to take a Nootropic is highly personal and there are many considerations. Some people will immediately notice a meaningful difference significant enough to boost the quality of their lives, while others will decide they are getting by fine without Nootropics. I would never push anyone to take a supplement against their will! I believe education and having as much non-biased information available as possible is an important key to helping people make their own choices.

  2. Hey, great share…..

    I haven’t tried any kind of memory enhancement pills yet. From last few months I have realized that I have started forgetting things and sometimes It’s really annoying. I really needed this help. Thanks for sharing this post.

  3. I absolutely love Aniracetam. I work as a freelance writer, and there are days when no content will be forthcoming. During those days, 3000mg of aniracetam will get rid of the writer’s block

  4. Great read. Nootropics work amazingly well, but its important to choose the right ones.

    I have always avoided the prescription stuff and gone for natural alternatives and racetams as these are just as effective.

  5. Hi, Earlier when I was suffering from depression, I started using nootropics. It was my first experience with nootropics and it truly helped me to fight against my depression.

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