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Welcome to the Write Studio research center, a place to sip tea while browsing for information, new ideas and tips on living a high quality, more sustainable and self-reliant lifestyle. Discover helpful bathroom mold removal tips, learn about nootropics and health supplements that can be good for the brain, or browse other random suggestions for making life better, smoother, easier, and more conducive to meeting individual and community goals. There are many pieces to this puzzle, but the goal at Write Studio is to simplify and present the information in a way that is easy to find and to help you decide for yourself what is most likely to add quality to your life.

Like many humble beginnings, the idea for this one began in a bathroom. I wanted to be able to share with friends and family how to identify and prevent bathroom mold in an environmentally friendly way using an environmentally safe Do it Yourself approach to bathroom mold removal.

Then, while getting my psychology degree, I became increasingly interested in how our brains work and how age, stress, nutrition, the environment, and genetics can all influence the way the brain functions impacting the quality of our lives.

Your environment matters, and there are many things you can do to lead a more natural lifestyle, whether that is using an environmentally safe Do it Yourself approach to bathroom mold removal or making your own foods in a traditional way. Click a link below to get started – we’ll be adding more useful tips and information in the future.

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